Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tea In Abby's Garden

This was our tea party on Sunday, very spontaneous and fun. Sandi showed up for a casual cuppa then dashed home to get 'dressed' with her hat and frock. Sandi is almost always dolled up. I invited Ann and Abby invited Louise and we sat outside and sipped sparkling soda, ate quiche with pancetta and munched on croissants with roseberry jam. It was delightful. Sandi put together this beautiful video so I had to share. Sorry I haven't posted for a week, I've been enjoying the warmer weather and today it's back to work. I painted a pet portrait for my mom's upcoming birthday and today I will paint my niece's birthday painting, roses for her bedroom. I gave Molly her painting and she loved it. It makes me so happy to make something for a close friend that they will cherish. I am aiming to keep panting and get enough paintings to try to get a show somewhere. An exciting goal and one I wouldn't have imagined until recently. Hope you're all enjoying yourselves, and pursuing your passions, if you are please share with me. I love to hear from you.....

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