Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Artist need people to believe in them

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"As artists, we need people who can see us for who we are-as big as we are and as small as we are, as competent and powerful as we are, and as terrified and as tiny as we sometimes feel. As artists, we need people who believe in us and are able to see our large selves, and people who are able to be gentle and compassionate with our smaller selves. It is tremendously important to accurately distinguish who among our friends can accommodate each size."
Julia Cameron "The Artist's Way Everyday"

Yesterday I bought the book "The Artist's Way Everyday" and I decided to share this entry for today, July 14th. I LOVE how Julia Cameron validates the artist psyche and knows just how to direct positive encouragement. She has inspired me more than any other, so I happily share her words of wisdom. If I think of art as a way of connecting with the universe and not about how it might sell, be interpreted, be judged, be not good enough, becomes a tool and a means of connecting to the greater good. I need to constantly tell my ego with it's LOUD voice to go away, leave me alone while I try to make something beautiful. It's there at every step trying to sabotage me and convince me I'm not good enough, original enough, clever enough and on and on....SHUT UP! I have to scream at it. Often. It's tiring and frustrating. But worth it because when it does shut up and I can get centered and flow with the creative process, it's all worth it. Nothing please me more than making something beautiful. It's like the best high there is. The next best feeling is when someone else loves your creation too and validates you by telling you so. We artist's need this encouragement and it fuels us to keep creating. I love making a painting for someone and seeing their excitement and happiness, this makes me feel so good I could fly. Then I know all my efforts are in the right direction. I'm off to the studio to paint and create. I urge you to make something, anything, today that gives you a feeling of usefulness and pride. It can be as simple as a hand picked vase of flowers, just create for the sake of being able to do so......


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  2. Hi Carrie,
    What is good about you is that, you knew what you are good at. With the help from other creative people, like Julia Cameron you channeled that energy into reality. You had a vision for what you wanted to do and you believed in it completely. In this case, people will love it. People will notice your work. I do!

    I should say, I am the same way. I have to sorround myself with people who are supportive of me and my passion. I love creating table top design for events. I am a self proclaimed eating designer. I also love making people happy. This is my passion and I am doing it!
    Thank you for our talk yesterday. It means a lot to me. I know that we only spend a few times together but I feel like I have known you for a long time.

    I hope to see you soon!