Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My baby boy is turning 19, how could it be?

Wednesday is Alex's 19th birthday but he will going to camp so we celebrated on Monday night. We made the famous "mama's tacos" and the in-laws and Molly and Ann came to help us celebrate. Alex wanted a banjo for his birthday and he got one! It's a beauty and we all had fun playing it. Abby got her braces on so she wasn't feeling tip top but she had a good time nonetheless..
Tomorrow I go back to the shop after a nice break from my vacation. I am eager to paint my flower picture, start another for Melissa who commissioned one (thank GOD) and chat with Laura about the business. We are going to talk about way's to market hip chick and get it rockin' and rollin'. I love the creative side and I can use help in the business side so this is a good thing.
I'm lovin the summer so far, the weather is killer and I have two more fun trips to look forward to. Sun Valley is the end of the month, going to visit my artist friend Sharon, and Hawaii is in August. This hip chick loves nothing better than a road trip and the tropics so I'm pretty psyched. I hope you are having a fun summer and I'd love to hear from you about any ideas, inspirations or just feedback in general about how I can launch hip chick's business forward. Thanks for being on my team!!

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