Monday, October 4, 2010

Daily Meditation

Today I begin a new practice, one of daily meditation.  I have never consistently meditated and yet I have always aimed to.  By acknowledging this, I strive to implement this into my daily routine just as I do my morning cup of coffee.  I have admired the discipline of meditation as it takes great devotion to quiet an active mind.  It's one of those things I mean to get around to.  You know how it is, I'm too busy to meditate.  But am I?  No, I make time for things that are important, as we all do.  If I make meditation a priority then I will have time for it.  It's difficult to commit to because it seems frivolous.  And yet it's benefits are proven effective for better health overall.  I am trying this for 30 days as this is a reasonable time to acquire a new routine.  Whose with me?
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  1. Meditation surely gives you peace of mind and if you can do it on a daily basis that will be such an experience.

    I've commited myself for the last two or maybe three years now an hour of adoration or if you can call it meditation, once a week at the adoration chapel of St. Dominic's Church, here in Benicia. For me this is how it works: for a whole hour, you let your God love you. Be silent. Be still. Alone. Empty. Before your God. Say nothing. Be silent. Be still. Let him look upon you. That is all. He knows and understands. He loves you with an enormous love. Wanting only to look upon you with love. Quiet. Still. Be. Let your God love you. Isn't this an incredible hour of peace & joy? Inside you and within you, transcending the joy outside and to the world around you. Happy Monday!