Monday, October 11, 2010

Homecoming and stuff

Saturday night was the homecoming dance for SRVHS and Abby my daughter went with her friend Jeff McGill. All the kids went to Kendyls for pictures and there were about 50 couples all looking smashing in their fancy clothes. I drove Abby and her friends to the dance and after I dropped them off I reminisced about being a freshman. Many people think it's such an awkward time and yet it was a fantastic time. Everything was fresh, new and exciting. Just as Abby is blossoming so it happens, the high school years are actually quite a fun time, sadly I wasted mine on partying. My children are much smarter than me and they seek out friends who make smart choices and have fun naturally. My son made it through high school without any problems, now we will see if we're so lucky with our Abby. So far so good. She shines and radiates happiness, high school agrees with her. It's full of activities and friends and she loves these things. I love seeing her happy of course and it made my day to take her picture for the homecoming dance.

Last week was SLOW at the shop, I did some painting to keep busy and tried some different techniques which I share in the slide show. I layered paper and images for the Paris art and I like the vintage look it achieves. I also tried my hand at a self portrait of me when I was about 7 and I still need to work on it to get ME in it. I had a lady say "it looks like he's older than he is in the picture." I laughed because I used to get asked if I was a boy or girl as my hair was so short and it always annoyed me. I don't get asked that anymore thankfully!


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