Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pay it forward- December 1, 2010

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Did you see the movie Pay it forward? It was excellent. Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, Haley Joel Osment were the cast if this movie from 2000. Here's what it's about.....
"Everything in social studies teacher Eugene Simonet's life is in order--every shirt, every pencil, every person in its proper place. To keep the surface placid means never having to go deeper. And no one and nothing in his life has ever asked him to. Arlene McKinney is a single mother hanging on by her fingertips, working two jobs, and struggling to raise her son, Trevor. She is trying to give him a new life, but in her absence she is losing him. Eugene gives Trevor's class an assignment: look at the world around you and fix what you don't like. But can you fix people? "
I've seen this movie a few times and every time I am moved and affected. I love the concept that Trevor created which was to do 3 random acts of kindness and if those 3 people pay it forward then eventually everyone would be doing good deeds. Tomorrow is official "Pay it forward" day according to David Del Mundo. He posted on facebook an invite that December 1st is official pay it forward day, and he asked people to join. I happily agreed. It's easy to pay it forward, the hard part is in being anonymous. I often do random acts of kindness but I usually get thanked for it. The real test is doing it and not having any praise and acknowledgment. So I thought of different things to do for it and settled on distributing 8 poinsettias with Merry Christmas from someone who cares to the people in hospice. I would like to give everyone one, and I will let the staff figure out who gets them but it's a start. The reason I'm sharing this is not for praise but to inspire you to do the same tomorrow in whatever way you find enjoyable. I like to support good causes and this is a good one to be sure. I thought about buying people Starbucks but I really wanted to reach someone who needs a lift. I think I will make December a pay it forward month and do as many acts of kindness as I can. I just wanted to be sure and do something for the launch. If you haven't seen the movie, get it. If you've never paid it forward, try it. You will get just as much out of it as the person who receives it, if not more. And remember "Tis the season".....

This is David's post for Pay it forward on facebook..
David's 2nd Annual
Pay It Forward Day
December 1st, 2010

‘Tis the Season! A random act of kindness goes a long way so…


What can you do?
ON DEC. 1st...
• Pay for someone’s cup of coffee…
• Buy someone some groceries…
• Get the next person’s gas…
• Help someone out…
• Donate something…
• Be creative!!!

When you do something for someone there’s a good chance they’ll do something for someone else. If not, at least you’ve done a good deed for someone.

So on December 1st share some kindness and spread some joy! It can be as little as a few dollars or as much as you want. No one needs to know!

Join me, won’t you?

(I'm trying to make this a national event so spread the word. Maybe one day it'll be a nationally recognized day!)

I won't be offended if you don't decide to participate, but please... spread the word!

pay it forward Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. Thanks for this!
    go to a thrift store.
    buy something but stand at the checkout behind an elderly person or a young mom with children. Fold up tightly a five to 100 dollar bill and find a way to make certain that money gets into what they've bought...a bag, the pocket of a pair of pants, a shoe, a toy. Be clever...slight-of-hand kind of thing. Love the moment...

  2. LOVE IT!
    Lets pay it foeward as often as we are able!
    Thanks for this post, you speak for many!
    Love you girl!


  3. What a wonderful idea! I will try to do something anonymously tomorrow.
    We should think about this all year long but whenever you start it's a really good thing to do.
    Thanks for the idea. You have "paid it forward" to all of us.