Friday, December 17, 2010

Pet portraits for Christmas

I love paintings pet portraits. Why you ask? I love painting anything but I especially love painting things that have meaning and our pets mean a lot to us. I love knowing whoever gets the pet portrait will be pleased as it's a thoughtful and special gift that you wouldn't ever expect. I have two recent portraits to share. One is for my friend Ann to give to her brother, the pugs. The other is a for a customer name Jack and his sister's dog is McFly, a Chihuahua . I did both of these this week and I am painting my husband's bosses dog soon as a thank you for our NY trip. I start with a charcoal sketch then I layer the paint, putting in lights and darks loosely in case I need to move things and I usually do. I LOVE acrylic as you can always just paint right over a spot and start fresh. I have always struggled with proportions and I usually have to adjust things so I am always grateful for the forgiving nature of acrylics. It's so wonderful to have commission paintings to do while I am at the shop. I love to make art and when people come in it's icing on the cake. When it's slow I am 'working' and doing what I love, a win win. I need to get the word out as pet portraits are affordable ($100) and fast, and a true keepsake gift. It only takes a picture so this can all be done via the internet folks. I shall be expanding this aspect of Hip Chick for my next year's goals. As always thanks for stopping by my blog and I really appreciate your support!


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