Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tutu's and birthdays

Today was Lisa's birthday, she's my new friend and I was happy to spend the day celebrating HER. Now obviously I packed the tutu's in the car, as I'm the tutu lady and I didn't have a picture of Lisa in one yet. I didn't know where we would take the pictures, I had some ideas but what's great about the tutu shots are they basically tell me where to go. The plan was lunch at Plum's in Oakland as I had recently read a write up giving it rave reviews. Sadly I was disappointed. We had a GOOD lunch not an excellent one so that's alright. I doubt I'll go back anytime soon. After lunch we headed to Lafayette and as I was getting lost( as usual) we made it a happy accident by busting out the tutus! We pulled over on top of the mountain so Lisa could let her birthday banner fly in the wind along with her purple tutu. Loved the birthday glow Lisa let loose....after the mountain top twirl we saw a funky farm and decided to check it out. I mean farms and tutu's go hand....and at the farm we found some adorable Jr. Hip Chick's Tamar and Mia. They were on the sidelines watching us take pictures so I said "would you like to put the tutu's on?" and they eagerly said "YES"! They were naturals and the pictures really show the fun we all had. The girls twirled around and around and I watched tutu magic happen once again. The girls were asking me what am I doing with these pictures, and I told them, this is my job girls. And funny enough it is!

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