Monday, January 31, 2011

Inspiration is shared knowledge

I sit on my day bed in the nook of my bedroom looking at the sunny hillside and I reflect on what to post for my blog. I usually tell it like it is, straight up, unedited and real. So I shall continue to do so and what's up is everything. I feel extremely grateful, inspired and stimulated by art. Funny. I am FINALLY giving my artist her due. I mean I was just telling my friend Terin how even when I was an art major in college I wouldn't consider myself an artist. I "liked" art, and I would admire others art and consider them "the real artists", while I struggled along. When it came time to graduate and have a 'show' of your work or a critique I choose critique not valuing my work enough to show it. Now 16 years later I can say I am an artist. I don't have to have shows in N.Y. or galleries to claim being an artist. Now being an artist to me means I love to make and create art. It's the rawness of exposing what we do that means so much. It's the feeling behind the work that lasts for the artist. We always remember the feeling.. when I made that piece I was feeling good, or when I made this piece I was frustrated, or this piece just made itself. The product isn't necessarily the most important part. I want to be impressed by what I make I admit it. I think that's natural. That's why so many people don't even try because they don't know how, and it will look bad. What if that's the same for an 'artist' one who claims to be good at this thing? Yowsa, that can't be so...and yet it is.
So in all this musing I have discovered this is just part of the process, that is the complex nature of art, it isn't always good, it isn't always fun, it isn't aways flowing. But it is always rewarding. Even when it's bad it's still good. Cause you tried. There is a famous quote about, "it is better to have tried and failed then never to have tried at all" true. Not always easy to remember but always true. This last week I have been obsessed with you tube videos about mixed media and collage. I have all kinds of fun new materials, I even signed up for Pam Carriker's journal 365 class. And I want a masterpiece damn it. I won't settle for anything less. I want to be as good as Pam or I am pissed. Well, obviously I'm not. As good as Pam, and I'm over being pissed. I get to practice, hmmmm, what an interesting concept...PRACTICE how to use these new tools and get better and better over any professional when they do something it looks so easy, and when it comes time to do it yourself it's shocking how much more challenging it really is. Like skiing, or tennis or running or any sport, you don't just start and then you're awesome. It takes practice, and time and then you get better, not excellent, just better....
so I guess I have to write and post this as a reminder to ease up for me as well as you too. You whoever you are that are reading this. I do hope you can relate and that you are laughing to yourself thinking how familiar this perfectionist notion is...if you're not and you are one of those uber mellow types that don't pressure yourself, congratulations! I hate you. NO, I was only kidding, I admire you actually, because I get in my way ALL the time. In fact I am going to make an art piece on just that very notion. Both on how I get in my way and how I can't keep up. What can I say it's just how I roll! Before I go I want to give you a good reason for reading all this jargon. I want to give credit where credit is due. I am going to list all the recent outlet's that have inspired me, excited me, make me want to run out and buy everything they do and more... this is a community of women artist from all over the world organized by Millande. She graciously shares her videos of her art process FREE for all to see and I love the playfulness she brings to her work.

another talented artist I admire and spend time emulating is Pam Carriker. She is an art journal champion and has many videos as well, here's just one to give you a taste....

I was so inspired by her work I signed up for her 365 journal workshop and I'm learning so much. I am also connecting with other artists which is another benefit to finding these sites. Another super sweetie is Gary Reef, an Aussie artist who has his own following, deservadely so.. Here is one of Gary's videos to check out.

he has LOADS, and he is deliciously fun. His mixed media site is another great resource and it's at
The reason I'm sharing all this is as my topic says, "Inspiration is shared knowledge". We all need inspiration and I want to share mine with you, my blog friends. Hopefully one day I can be like these guys, making videos and communities for people to join, but for now, today, I'm grateful to learn from them. I'm happy to try these new techniques and have fun. If you have any tips and sites to share I welcome them. I always appreciate comments....thanks for checking my blog, happy creating!


  1. So much of what you said resonates with me - but most particularly this idea that I appreciate art, love art, but am not an artist myself. Thank you for writing this post. Food for thought...

  2. loving your blog and all the madness therein!! I met Millande at workshop and she is a lovely lady. thanks for sharing, Hugs xxxxx from Olive - UK