Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today is my day off, ahhh...I needed to catch up on some chores but I always try to squeeze some fun into everyday. So I did my errands and I sat down and did my journal page from my Journal 365 class by Pam Carriker. I signed up a couple weeks ago and have been so inspired by Pam. She is a very talented and easy to follow teacher. I have some of the journal art supplies, the funny thing is I have an art studio and I have supplies there but I want supplies at home too, so I don't have to cart them back and forth. So today I bought some watercolor crayons and a journal, some charcoal pencils and I sat down and did the one of the assignments. It was from lesson 6 and it was to draw a mask and say something about the mask we wear in our lives.
What we put out in the world vs. how we feel on the inside.
So I did "carefree" for the outside and "struggling" on the inside for me in regards to art. I love it and yet I struggle truth be told. It's just so challenging and I'm my worst critic. It takes ALOT to impress me. haha. sad but true. So then you're supposed to doodle and use the crayons to color which I really enjoyed. My favorite thing about Pam's class and mixed media is learning something new. New experiences are what help us live life fully so I always love the stimulation of learning. So I humbly submit my page for you blog people who are so supportive, and I say bravo. Bravo to anyone who tries, because it is better to try and fail then never to try at all. There is so much beauty in willingness through courageous acts. So I am here to encourage and say TRY, I promise I don't think I'm any better then you are. One is not born an artist, an artist puts in the work. That's the truth.
I also share my latest pet portrait of "El Fuego" a friend's grandson's pet lizard.
I have never painted a lizard and the request was, El Fuego on a cactus, in the desert with a sunset in the background. So this is what I came up with. I hope he likes it. Lizards are tricky, there isn't much color on them so I used more color in the other elements. Now it's time for my afternoon run, thank you for checking my blog and for supporting this crazy Hip Chick on her art journey.....

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