Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Alameda was quite an adventure today!

Today was full of "splatter" as Sandi and I named "too much fun"...why splatter? Cause your brains feel like they splatter all over the place from happiness. I picked up Miss Sandi and met Kat at our usual rendevous and off we went on Miss Daisy (my truck) to the Alameda. Brrrr. It was chilly willy. Cloudy and sorta rainy but that doesn't deter us crazy hip chicks from shopping, no way! Stopped by the Junk Girls and said hi to Jenny and Melissa, they have wonderful merchandise and they are such sweeties. I lusted after a few things, walked away and thought about this cabinet full of drawers and when I came back I saw it was sold. DANG! But that's the flea, you take your chances and if you think too long it gets bought up right after you walk away. But don't fret this hip chick got plenty of goodies, she just kept on looking..
and after we all got our goodies, we drove to the shop and unloaded the shelf. Sandi decided she wanted to buy my secretary so we rearranged all the Toykomilk, and we loaded up Daisy once more and set off. In Walnut Creek as we were transferring Kat's stuff into her car I turned off Daisy. I noticed I had left the lights on, OOPS, and quickly turned them off. Too late. Battery died. NOOOOOO. Daisy has been so good, so strong, and dependable. Luckily Kat called AAA and we had Andrew there in a jiffy. He replaced the battery and spun the fan and Daisy started right up. Whew! Sandi and I drove home and unloaded her secretary with the engine running just to be safe and then I parked her on the hill and came home bushed. What a day! It was truly an adventure and I loved it all, got to take Daisy for a ride, got to hang with my buddies Kat and Sandi, got some goodies for the shop, made a couple sales, had an unexpected adventure, and laughed a lot. What more could you ask for on a gloomy Sunday in March???


  1. Great job Carrie - love checking out your site!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful shout out Carrie! SO good to see you and I'll let you know when we find another multi-drawer cabinet. XO Jenny & Melissa

  3. Kitty Santos-EisenbergMarch 15, 2011 at 2:03 PM

    Very, very cool, post Hip Chick.

    Thumbs Up from an eternal "Hippie Chick".