Thursday, March 17, 2011

shout out from Pam Carriker

Pam gives Hip Chick a huge shout out today. Thanks Pam. She is one of my heros. I love her demeanor, her art and her accessibility. She's so real. I sent her a cobalt blue tutu and she loves it, and I love her. One of the many delightful things to happen to me lately has been to interact with fellow artists via the internet. I don't even know these women in person but I feel like I do because they are so friendly. Pam is such the case. She is pretty doggone famous now that her book, "Art at the speed of life" is on the bestseller list. But she takes time to chat on facebook, answer emails and give advice or support. It's one of the best things about artists, the ability to share. I have to run, literally and then go pick up Bob my studio mate, but I wanted to post this before I did. I am closed from March 20-April 6th on vacation. When I return from the Caribbean we have our 20 year anniversary, my birthday and Abby's birthday (my daughter) it's 'crunch week' at the Clayden house. I will be posting from home tho and of course sharing my Caribbean pictures so stay tuned!! As always thank you for your support!!
check out Pam's blog at

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  1. Love the tutu it is so cool. What a neat Blogsite.
    Just bought Pams book, fantastic
    Cheers janet keen from New Zealand