Monday, June 27, 2011


One of the best parts of my wacky business is it's's never the same.  Yay.  I don't like same, it gets  What I love most about Hip Chick Designs is the many components that keep it interesting, and changing.  There are pet portraits to paint, treasure to hunt for and then merchandise in the shop, art classes to host and teach, collages to make, tutu pictures to take for the portfolio, farmers markets, name a few..Two new aspects were added to the repertoire last week when I got a free 4 panel screen, and I met Arianna who is getting married at the Arsenal in November.  Caren McCracken my advertising friend came by with a truck of freebies, my favorite, and of the items she had was a large 4 panel screen
I wasn't in love with the fancy hunting scene, but I was in love with it's is what it looked like once I started playing with it...
right away I knew it was going to be I kept adding paper and paint and whatever I could to give it life, and depth..
and this is what it looks like's not finished yet, I have more sanding to do, if you look closely at the left side it's been distressed and at the bottom it's unfinished, it's a big job...and the collage can also be developed more as well..but so far I am LOVING it.  It really represents Hip Chick right now.  Vintage Hip.  Old text, and I mean old, some postcards and letters and newspapers from 1918 mixed with dictionary pages, music and pretty wrapping paper, mixed with paint, ink and charcoal's so fun...What I love most about this style is it's looseness, it is dynamic and colorful in a vintage themed way....very hip chickey....As a result of this screen I am thinking beyond canvas now, and that excites me....yay.
On top of that another very new, fabulous breakthrough occurred...On Friday I had adorable bride to be Ariana come in wanting to buy my old ironing board for her vintage themed wedding at the Arsenal....only yards away from Hip Chick Designs...She told me all of her amazing ideas for the perfect vintage wedding just like I hope to give Abby someday (my daughter)...well as you might guess she wanted everything in the shop, but she also wanted to keep her budget down.  We both came up with the perfect solution.....Vintage Wedding Rental by Hip Chick for the Arsenal.  Win win...I never thought of it before as I never thought of being a rental business but it makes sense to do weddings in the Arsenal.. It's super close, it's already got the old vibe as these buildings are more than 100 years old, and my stuff would look amazing in the setting!  Genius!  So just like that , "snap" another avenue to add to the Hip Chick repertoire...I love it.  
When you have your own business, you get to try new things and see what works.  It really is the only way to learn.  There can be hard lessons as well as good ones, but it's all part of the journey.  Learning keeps things fresh, and fun.  Without that it's just another shop...with 'stuff' you can buy...that's not the goal.  The goal is to have a creative oasis, where magic is made, people can gather to enjoy art and I can grow as an artist.  So far I am accomplishing that goal.  I just have to suit up and show up to see what's next.  It's always an adventure...thanks for being a part of it.  


  1. Bestie.....I LOVE the screen..It looks amazing.......I want one for my on the new "renting" idea..That is great..........You are on a roll...girl....Keep it up!!!!!!!

  2. Wow...what a transformation...LOVE IT!