Monday, June 20, 2011

How things happen...

I had a very interesting Saturday at the shop.  It started out ordinarily, kind of quiet and I was working on my collage...
I was painting and scrapping and sanding and adding and then Marlene came by from Summer cottage antiques in Petaluma. I was chatting with her and then Shelley came in, who I had never met before and says "OMG your stuff is so Spark".  Having no idea what "Spark" is I asked her and Shelley told me about this big event called "Spark the Event" in October in Utah.  She started to name some of the people involved like Margie Romney-Aslett, and Christy Campbell Tomlinson and I recognized their names right away....I thought maybe this is something I need to participate in,  Shelley tells me how she has wanted to go for YEARS and she brought all her best handbags and shoes to Rags to Riches to help pay for her ticket there.  I was intrigued.  I said to Shelley, maybe we should go together, and I should bring my stuff and sell it, and we just went crazy with how this was going to happen...Marlene was still in the store, marveling at how we JUST met and were concocting our whole Thelma and Louise "Spark" trip..I said I'm in.  So less than 24 hours later it's on.  It's on like donkey kong.  And I just know it is meant to be.  This event has tons of artists who I know via the facebook/artist network and it will be a weekend workshop of crafting, fun and networking.  I have dreamed of going to one of these events and now I am.  Just like that, SNAP.  Cause really that's how things happen.  I just follow the next thread that appears, instead of over analyzing it and talking myself out of it.  Here is the link for anyone who is interested...
aside from all that excitement, I am working on getting more classes lined up for the shop, soldering jewelry and doing my homework for Traci Bautista's "discovering Y.O.U." class...there is never enough time to squeeze in all I want to do.  But I do what I can, and it's all good.  Hope you are enjoying this summer weather, today I get to go to our pool for a little R&R with my sister and the kids.  Thanks for checking in on Hip Chick happenings, let me know what you're up to, I love hearing from you!!
and let me know if you're ready to buy a tutu....they brighten ANY occasion!!


  1. Bestie....Spark sounds great.....Good for you..for JUST DOING IT!!!!!!!!

  2. I love your store & wish I could visit! I do have a question for you :) My mom is cleaning out all of our vintage antique so cool frames & pictures. But what do you do with all of them? Some are fantastic in silver frames & others in cardboard but all the same too cool to just put on a garage sale. You input & creative wand would be appreciated!


  3. Great post! So does this mean you put in an application to sell at Spark? Cool!

  4. When I opened your link and saw the picture of your store I think I died and went to beautiful heaven! wow!!! Amazing! it's so me.... I need to come and see it! .... Congrats on the new opportunity! sounds fantastic!

  5. I wish I could have all your vinatage photos and frames. I love them for many things, for displays, for mixed media projects, in a bowl, frames with no pictures on walls look awesome, just get creative. If you want to throw some my way I surely accept!!!