Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sodering is fun!

Saturday we had another fun class at the shop, this one was a wine bottle charm necklace class taught by Laura Ellington.  Laura and I met at Room with a Past about 4 or 5 years ago, we both had spaces and sold our treasures there before I left to do my Hip Chick thing.  She has been soldiering for years, and makes amazing necklaces with vintage charms and such.  Recently she had the idea to use wine bottles as a charm and they look beautiful, like little pieces of stained glass...We had 5 students in all and everyone was fearless about diving right in.  My mom came and we celebrated her birthday with cake and presents, so it was a big fun filled day.  Here are some pictures to share.....
Linda and Nancy from The Thrift Station in Danville came..

Christy came to her first class

Our teacher Laura Ellington

My Mom

our yummy tray of glass and ribbons...

Laura shows us how it's done

mother-daughter love

Mom was a pro

Patti( our class regular) loved her necklace!

nice work Patti!

Christy used two charms

we sang Happy Birthday and had cake.....

yummy princess cake

Nancy's finished work

Christy made this amazing three piece necklace

my turn..

I want to solder everything now...
I am going to get a soldering set up tomorrow as a result of this class...I just love making things and the sky is the limit when it comes to making jewelry.  Hip Chick is going to make some vintage charms and sell them at her shop and at the farmers market.  I love learning new art techniques and this could be scary as I am such a spaz and it's a HOT iron...must use some restraint....haha...not likely...thanks for checking out the latest happenings...always up to something creative...please let me know what you're up to as I love to hear from my blogging friends...

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