Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Podcast With Risa and Benicia Farmer's Market on Thursday

I love free press.  How flattered was I to get interviewed by Risa the other day...here is the link for it,

Risa is a sassy lady who found me via Pam Carriker, a well known artist and author who I sent a tutu to, and who is in my tutu series......Thanks Pam!  She wrote "Art at the Speed of Life" and we met on facebook (my favorite social network vehicle).  Pam's husband is a pilot like mine, I am an artist like her and we bonded immediately.  Thanks to Pam wearing my tutu, Risa saw it and asked about it, and that's how it goes....so these tutu's really do have magic in them...I swear.  I sell these magical skirts on my website and invoice via paypal for anyone who is interested.  I can get any size and color, just email me what you like at carrieclay@yahoo.com.
The latest new happening is coming this Thursday as I will be at the Benicia Farmers Market selling my wares.  Thankfully the weather has finally warmed up, so it will be a lot of fun to be outside chatting with the locals in downtown Benicia from 4-8pm.  Come on down and see me ok?  I am soldering up some charms and necklaces, I got a shipment of feather earrings and of course I will have tutu's for sale...
As always I thank you for checking in on Hip Chick and her adventures...stay tuned as there are always more around the corner.....


  1. Good Luck at the Farmers Market

  2. YAY!! Is that MY tutu in that picture????? :)
    I have a photo shoot with my grandgirls planned so you will get a picture soon!