Friday, June 3, 2011

Whatever works

Hi friends.  I am psyching up for my day, looking outside at the dark clouds, trying not to let them 'dampen' my spirits.  But I do wish for a warm day I have to confess...I am a sunshiney girl for certain.  I always say I'm like the weather, "when it's sunny, I'm sunny and when it's cloudy then you know....I'm cloudy.  And this late June winter weather has got my panties in a wad let me tell you.. I mean geez.  The forecast for the weekend is rain.  all weekend.  So much for the BBQ that we are having on Sunday, oops I mean Rainday...ok enough about the weather.  I could write for hours...

The topic today is whatever works.  I chose this as a result of my recent joining of "Etsy".  I am doing whatever works to get my name out there, sell my art, and make a couple bucks.  As you know I have the shop in Benicia, and it's fabulous, but it is quiet...because it is hidden.  My biggest challenge is finding my customers and then getting them to come to me.  I am still working on how to do that.  An easier approach is to post items I have online as I have built a huge online friend base.  This way people that don't live nearby can see what I have and hopefully buy it.  So I joined Etsy the online crafty website for yummy goodies.  I only have 1 item at the moment, but you gotta start somewhere right?  I will add more little by little and see what happens.  One thing I have learned with my business is it's good to keep trying new things to see what works.  I don't have a road map for Hip Chick's, I am 'off road' seeing all the sights and meeting new friends in the nooks and crannies of the road less traveled.  One thing I love about having my own business is there are no rules, I am in charge and it's scary and empowering all at the same time.  There is a big learning curve, I am not always going to make everyone happy that's for sure.  But I do try to make my shop a happy place for people to be inspired, myself included.  So for those who can't come in, I will provide an online shop and then I'm reaching everyone I can.  I have met so many amazing artists from facebook and online art classes and we all support each others endeavors.  It is one of my favorite parts of my business.  We are all trying to do what we love and hopefully make some money at the same time.  That's the main objective after all.  So with out further adue, here is my Etsy link...
Be the first to buy my stuff, I would be sooooo inspired.  I have many more bottles with fun sayings, art I will post, vintage treasures and the like.  Thank you for all your support, it really does keep me going.  I often wonder if I am just spinning my wheels, round and round in circles, and when I get comments from you telling me how much something I did affected you, it makes it all worth it.  Thank you.


  1. Hey girl!! I have been on Etsy since October last year and I have had pretty good luck so far and I have met alot of people around the world through my sales. If you need any help or anything just let me know. Hugs~ Leslie

  2. Your bravery to pursue your dream is an inspiration to me. You know I am right there rooting you on and watching you take the lead!