Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Art is....coming to the Arsenal in September!

I have been so busy trying to come up with a killer class for Art Is.....I can't believe they are coming to the Arsenal, and I GET TO TEACH A CLASS!  I mean what?! Seriously, I just dreamed it only recently and now here it is coming true.  One thing I know for sure, if you try, really try, for your dreams then they can come true.  First you have to figure out what you want.  Then you gotta take action towards it.  It's been my experience that if you are in action, and you want it, then the universe responds.  It's like it's listening.  (mental note-good art idea) I only went to my first art retreat EVER last fall, it was "Spark the Event" in Salt Lake City Utah  http://www.sparktheevent.com/ and it did more than spark me.  It lite an inferno!  I was on freakin' fire after that, realizing that's what I want to do, TEACH ART WORKSHOPS.  What could be better?
But how? well, first I had make a lot of art.  Art I liked, art I was proud of.  But before I even tried to get "good enough" it was presented to me!  Holy Moly!  Long story short my friend Sharon Payne Bolton (talented bionic artist) went to Art is last year and met the head honchos, talked about how the Arsenal in Benicia would be so ideal for classes, and before we know it, they agreed!  It all thanks to Sharon http://www.sharonpaynebolton.com/, and her amazingness, and I just happen to be lucky enough to ride this wave too.  Now I have less than a week to come up with a two day workshop worthy of Art is.  NO pressure.....haha.  Seriously it's terrifying.  But one thing I am good at is seizing an opportunity.  And this one is a doozie.  So I am madly making wings as my theme.  I think there is serious wing appeal happening as wings have so much symbolism.  I looked up what do wings symbolize and found this...
Winged Humans:  "Angels, of course. They are divine liaisons. They are messengers with the ability to move freely from the realm of earth-bound matter to the unlimited heavens. They're depicted with human attributes, and so we reason they have human interest at heart. They are gifted with magic and flight, they are creatures of the divine."
I know they are popular in mixed media.  Everyone puts wings on their art, and I admit it's addicting.  It just gives an image an extra special ability.  Instead of being simply mortal they can be fairies, angels, butterflies, and birds.  
One of my favorite artists is Misty Mawn, you can find her here http://mistymawn.typepad.com/ she uses wings in much of her work....here are just a few examples

I just love her style, and lucky me I get to meet her at Artfest in March.  This is Artfest:   http://www.teeshamoore.com/artfest/classes.html.  She is teaching a portrait class ON MY BIRTHDAY! Another dream come true....I tell you, it's crazy.  I will also be taking a class from Jesse Reno, he is hugely popular, and wildly imaginative.  Here is his website to check out: http://jessereno.com/art/, and I will show examples of his work which all happen to have wings in them..

These two artists have extremely different styles obviously.  I am taking Jesse's class to see how far I can loosen up and try something different.  I am challenging myself, so I can grow, learn and develop as an artist.  That doesn't happen staying safe and content making the same thing.  Right now I am like a sponge, soaking it all up, and just making whatever I can, whenever I can.  Rarely does a day go by without making something,  I don't really love anything I make to be honest.  I know I can do so much more, and it's really hard to impress ourselves.  But that's good too, because it drives us to keep at it.  Even when it's frustrating (which it is more than isn't) and even when it's crap (which it is more than it isn't) we yearn for the masterpiece.  We wait for it to present itself.  
I am impatiently waiting this week for my class masterpiece to present itself.  I have the tick tock of the clock at my back and I am slapping plaster, wax, acrylic, pencil, ribbon, glue, twigs, feathers, and wood together to come up with a finished product that looks good.  All I can do is my best, and I sure am giving it my all.  I appreciate you taking the time to check in on what's happening with Hip Chick, I will share the finished product soon, and after this week I get to learn the in's and out's and techniques of chalk paint.  This is another new technique I am adding to my repertoire.  Here is Annie Sloan's link to check out : http://www.anniesloan.com/index.html I simply LOVE chalk paint and love having it to play with at the shop...
Here is one example of how chalk paint gives a piece depth, and warmth unlike regular latex paint.  The colors are simply delicious.  More on that later.  For now it's bedtime.  I have more wings and things to play with tomorrow, this creative is flying to slumberville....sweet dreams my friends. 


  1. Well you certainly are a gifted enough artist from what I've seen in the past year, you're going to be a great addition to Art Is You.

  2. OMG Gigi, you are so nice....thank you for such a generous compliment

  3. You are an inspiration to those of us who have been bucked off our creative horse to climb back on and pursue our dreams. Thank you!

  4. I know your workshop will be fantastic!!! Lovin your art ad the wings! Grab every opportunity and follow your dreams!! xoxo So looking forward to meeting you at Artfest!!

  5. congrats carrie! i love everything you post on FB. i know your class will be fabulous!

  6. Hi, Carrie! I am happy to have found you! I teach at artfest and will also be teaching at the arsenal in September! Yay! I can't wait to see what you come up with for your classes. Come visit me at my blog if you get a chance! xoxo

  7. Carrie, Your blog is so vibrant! Just like you,gal~ Glad I met you today and looking forward to further adventures of the Wild Wing Artwoman! :-)

  8. Your blog is so amazing, and your artwork is incredible!! Best wishes to you in teaching your workshop!!