Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chalk paint is my new obsession

I am addicted to chalk paint.  My name is Carrie and I'm a chalkaholic.  It's not a problem, YET.  I think it's like a new love all exciting and fun, vibrant and fulfilling,  I want to use it on everything, and I am.  I can't paint fast enough, I will be painting one thing and look over and see something else and start to paint that.  It's crazy.  But good, therefore, it's CRAZY GOOD!  I am all about seeing is believing.  Here are some is a gorgeous dining room buffet before chalk paint..for those who aren't aware here is the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint link, I am a licensed retailer partner and lover of the stuff....
 and this is after even though it isn't finished. (I couldn't wait to show you)
 here is a close up of one section I like...this is Paris Gray with Old White with clear and dark wax.
 these chairs will be even more fabulous after some chalk paint...I love them already.
 here is a mirror, mirror on the wall find before chalk paint...

 and this is after a coat of Paris Gray..

 this is after some clear and dark wax added to give it depth.  I love it.
 Mirror, mirror on the wall who loves chalk paint most of all???
 that'd be Hip Chick...
 here is a picture of the store, the table behind the sofa is painted Louis Blue and the chairs are also chalk painted
 Christine Kerr is a featured jewelry artist this month, her gorgeous one of a kind pieces are all made from copper and real gemstones...

this says gratitude and would make an amazing gift....

 this is my back wall, my painting "White Whisperer" is a Chalk Paint original and is selling for $400.00 it has a gorgeous soft palette and of course goes wonderfully with all my chalk painted furniture...
 various jewelry is hanging from branches and if you peak past the branches, to your left is my chalk paint and to the right is Tokyomilk, I sell perfume, candles, soaps, with lotions and purse packs coming soon...
 here are some angels playing music for us and some french text for collage or art projects...
 my ribbon lamp made from hand tie dyed ribbon
I have been so busy playing with my paint I nary have time for anything else...but I thought I had better do a blog post to keep you all up to date on what's going on at the shop. 

 We have the amazing Anna Corba coming on March 17th to teach a class and sign her latest book, if you would like to join the fun email me at Corba is the pioneer of vintage crafts and one of the most charming women I know..this is Anna's project, she will teach us how to make our own vintage journal.  

That's all for now, there is always so much to share and I am feeling so grateful for the chalk paint and Art is...and Anna and mostly that I get to do my thing and see that others like it too.  Thank you for all your support and love, it fuels me daily.


  1. OK, wait just a minute.....I love chalk paint. Did a whole bedroom suite including light fixtures and know what you mean about looking around and seeing something that you just must chalk paint. But wait...."White Whisperer" is a Chalk Paint original????? for real? Chick, you got something going there! You are sparking my fire with that.

    1. Sharon,
      Happy to help spark any fire I can, you sparked mine with your art and collage class....The chalk paint does dry so quickly it's not as flexible as acrylics but I wanted to give it a whirl...
      whatever you do with it, it will be amazing cause you are so talented!

  2. Carrie! I can tell you have a severe chalk paint addiction (known in medical circles as "Chalk Paint Love Syndrome" or CPLS). The table you were working on Wednesday just GLOWED!
    And I'm so honored to have my pieces in your studio~~I feel the creativity and love flowing all over the place in there and you are spreading it around with a big spatula~! Have a great day~~

    1. Chris,
      You are so sweet and enthusiatic towards my shop, I ma thrilled to include your art as it's beautiful and handmade. You are a treasure and your excitement always encourages me...

  3. Hi Carrie,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself! It is always fun to meet another "chalkaholic!" Love it! Your work is fabulous and I just can't get over the amazing horse painting! I hope you don't mind that I pinned it to my "Paint it Annie" pinterest board! I look forward to following you and checking in often to see your lovely work!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  4. Carrie from one "chick" to another love your ASCP furniture & of couse, the painting!!! Look forward to following your antics. Just stsrted my own blog, Come check me out sometime. Blessings - elaine