Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First sale at Hip Chick's!!

Hi blog followers (God love ya!) Today was a berry good day in Hip Chick land. I saw my good friend Sally who I haven't seen in along time (very talented artist who I met in a painting class FYI) and we are like an explosion of creative forces when we merge. So we caught up, painted, made plans for her to get a studio in Benicia and talked about an upcoming Christmas Boutique we'll both be participating in (details to follow...). While we are caught up in our excitement of all that's artistic and meaningful two ladies wander in and purchase a hip chick piece of merchandise!! How exciting is the FIRST SALE in my new venture???I am going to take a dollar from this sale and frame it as is customary in businesses and it will represent this memorable occasion. For those who are curious and I am always curious so I'm sure you must be too the item was a "case" with a handle for which she wanted to put files, it had a chic look and it only cost her a mere $15.00 The bargains are aplenty at this shop let me tell you! After all the excitement of this sale I took a nap, (HAHA, got ya) for those who know me you realize the absurdity of this statement, I painted another pet portrait. I am cranking them out I tell you, look for them soon on my website if you're interested. How could you not be???!!! Hahaha, I'm really on a roll today, must still be giddy from the sale......

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