Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday at Hip Chick's

Great things happen in Benicia, I'm convinced of it. It's the creative energy, the pleasant and friendly people and the blending of the two. My friday started with getting my costume ready for the Halloween party I'm going to tonight (I have high hopes of winning the best costume contest) then I dropped off a birthday present and made my way to the studio. EVERYONE seemed to come by today, all at one time I had Jeannie and Sally, Carol, and then Laura all of whom are dynamos in there own right. It was wierd, wonderful and wierd. I saw Laura's studio for the first time (Green Paintbrush-jewelry for those who are interested) and she and I are cooking up how we can benefit from our creative forces combining.....I cranked out two pet portraits one for Linda the other for Cathy, my first commision pieces and just as I was leaving had a great sale!! How great is that?! I swear I get so fired up when I am rewarded through my creativity and productivity. Now I am going to get ready for the party and tomorrow I'll post my photos for my costume......stay tuned!!!!!!

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