Monday, October 26, 2009

Tahoe rendevous

My weekend was glorious, I got to get the heck outta dodge and take in the intoxicating aroma of the mountains. The gang (Ben, me, Abby and Ashley) drove up to Tahoe friday night and checked in to the Marriott Residence which was lovely, very Tahoe resortish place. Had some sushi for dinner and I watched "Away we Go" a sweet film (2 thumbs up). Woke up to a gorgeous day Saturday, crisp, clear, sunny and walked down to the lake and looked at the incredible mountains. Ben and I got sandwiches and took them on a hike near Emerald Bay where we found our own little lake and had a picnic on a rock overlooking the amazing scenery. On our way back from the hike we stopped to take pictures of the beautiful Aspen trees, which are so vibrant in color right now. Ben kicked back while I dashed to find a thirft shop to no avail (all closed) but I did find a ROSS which always works and I got a pair of slammin black boots and a black sweater for my evening's outfit. Got dolled up and went to The Forest restaurant at the top of Harrah's for Ben's walk down memory lane (he fondly remembered LOVING this buffet 30 yrs. ago). The buffet was good actually and there was no end of choices, prime rib, crab, chinese, pretty much whatever you want. The dessert's were a lot of fun, frozen yogurt with all the fixin's, pies, cakes, mini problemo getting all our calorie quota for the day! Then Ben and I went to a Cabaret show of female impersonators, we saw Cher, Bette Midler, Celine Dion, Reba, and Barbara Streisand. Fun stuff!! Sunday we had to leave early as Ben had to work so it was cut short but we managed to pack a lot of fun in so that was good. Abby and I ended up working in the garden and crafting (also birthing an AWESOME new product idea). Finished the weekend watching Ugly Betty and getting cozy in our jammies on the couch....

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