Sunday, November 1, 2009

Best Costume Winner and Alameda Antique

This costume was all built around my fabulous mask I scored at a garage sale for about a buck!! I got the mask years ago just for it's dramatic look thinking my son the actor would find a use for it. Who knew it would get such exposure...The gown and mink were loaners from The Thrift Station, the hair, tiara and gloves all from Boswell's and the jewels were from my collection. It was delicious to be incognito to even those who know me SO well, I didn't realize it was that effective!! Good fun. Today was the Alameda and I scored some goodies. I got a mannequin, a metal bed, a metal table, a birdcage and some eggs. It was fairly quiet there today and I was pleased with my finds. Kat scored a dining room table and Linda got a frame for her portrait and a plate. It's been a creative weekend and I look forward to seeing what the week will bring!

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