Monday, November 9, 2009

What a Weekend!!

Ok, as down as I was is also as high as I was this weekend being in the bosom of my old homestead Carmel Valley. For those who don't know this I lived there for 8 years, raised the kids there, and truly made life long friendships within the community there. I got sober there, I saw my son go through preschool to 6th grade there and we bought and sold two homes there, it was a huge part of my life. So how grateful am I that I can go back and be welcomed with open arms, housed, fed, shown love and fun, and get nurtured on virtually every level all within a few days. I saw my friends Annie who housed me, Benson who bought me dinner and we watched a great movie at his AMAZING home, and Megan who fed and massaged me. These people are so dear to me. Ironically we don't all stay in touch, everyone has such busy lives, but the beauty is it doesn't matter. Years can go by and it"s as if it was yesterday that I saw them. The bond is so deep and the love is genuine and effortless. Annie and I went to Big Sur on Saturday and it was spectacular. Of course. The ocean was churning and waves were breaking across the cliffsides, we found a sweet spot on the side of the road just past Nepenthe and Annie painted her very first painting!! It was a Joy Jar day and later that day I went for a run on the old Carmel Valley airport, I remember when Santa used to fly in on a small Cessna and then there was a parade. Such special times. Sunday I went to Megan's and we hiked around the old familiar roads, catching up on each others lives and solving the problems of womanhood. Megan is an incredibly gifted massage therapist and I treated myself to a massage to top off my nurturing weekend. It was just what this hip chick needed. What I valued most about my weekend was the love from my friends. Sometimes we all need a little help and I am very fortunate to have people who not only care but show me they love me. It's interesting how in the everyday happenings this can be overlooked, taken for granted. I know that a change of scenery is vital for my artistic senses, my well being and appreciation for my own life. I sometimes forget how helpful it is, and this weekend gave me all that I was lacking and more.

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