Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Logo

I went to Santa Cruz and collected my son Alex from his dorm and brought him home to the bosom of his family.  This son of mine is amazing and for those of you who know him this goes without saying.  It's wonderful to have him home and I have really missed him.  He's very clever and he made me this amazing logo today.  I have to say he can do just about anything he tries and with excellence as well.  Thank you Alex.  I have been slowing my pace a bit as it was in maximum overdrive and frankly I'm not good at sustaining that pace indefintely.  I hit a wall and it takes me a few days to resume my natural spunky self.  I did put some Christmas decor out even though we still don't have our tree.  I think we'll get it this weekend and I'll enjoy having the whole family together to decorate it.  So that's what's the haps with this hip chick, hope you're all staying warm and bundling up with some hot chocolate and a blanket. 

This is my boy...........who couldn't love that face????
He has a blog you need to follow at

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