Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It was a wet one today

Today was my official "first day" since opening on Saturday, what an adventure!! Just getting to Benicia was an accomplishment in the heavy rain and wind. I had lots of new goodies to replace all that sold on Saturday, so I commenced to tagging and merchandising in case I had a drove of customers. hahaha. Not a lot of people were out in the downpour but lovely Linda and sweet Cathy did come by and purchase some goodies. Thanks ladies!! It was fun to be inside when the lightening and thunder was erupting, thankfully it wasn't too bad on the return trip. I started Aunt Gig's pet portrait of "angel baby" and the time flew by. As I was driving over the bridge it felt like I was being pushed around by some big gusts of wind. I heard there was a tornado watch on which is actually pretty funny. A tornado in California?? I think the weather man got a little too excited by all the wind and wanted some attention. Anyway we all survived another wet day, I hear there is yet another day of this ahead tomorrow. Good thing I have a pair of galoshes!!! Don't be too afraid to come on by and say hi!!!

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  1. It was a wet one today. I didn't think the wind would ever die down, but tonight it's quiet outside and the rain is letting up too. Guess we all survived the "California tornado".