Monday, January 18, 2010

Unbelieveable Day..............

Where to the beginning I guess. With the help of Ben, Alex, Abby, Holly, Ella and lots of others we got the place ready just in the nick of time. All my favorite people stopped by and shared in the joy and happiness of the occasion. There are too many to mention and I might forget someone but you all know who you are and I thank you for coming and supporting this dream. The place was hoppin all day long. The highlights were having everyone I loved in my favorite place and selling one of my paintings (a really unexpected bonus). Abby and Olivia got us off to a rocking dance fest when they danced to "heartbeat" in the back of Daisy. We all wanted to be a part of that action and we joined in and tore it up. The song list was part Copacabana and part Rocky Horror picture show. It was all mixed in and before I knew it the day was about over. Megan from Carmel Valley came at the end and helped us celebrate after at Chow's, where we feasted on dinner and dessert (we were all starving!). Hot tubs and good conversation topped off the evening and it was without a doubt on of the best days of this hip chick's life!! Thank you ALL for coming. I love you so.

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