Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just an ordinary day

Not much to write about today but I thought it's been a few days and I should probably say "something". hahaha. It's a football fest at the house so I'm escaping to the movies. Going to see A Single Man with Colin Firth. I know it's good from reviews and reading about the story. Tom Ford the fashion designer directed it and it mirrors his life, coming out in NY as a young gay man in the 70's. I squeezed in a run so I can eat my popcorn guilt free and I'll sneak in my soda and chocolate. My first week at the shop was quiet I must say, the weather was defintely a factor as it was a torrential downpour most days. Saturday was nice and I had some lovely ladies come and buy goodies. My favorite happening was from "Cathy" a woman I just met who bought 2 paint by number pictures from the 60's. She was saying how the colors in them were her favorites, turquiose, white and cranberry but she was a little sad that the cranberry was so dull. I had my palette out and offered to spice it up with some fresh red and she was SO happy. You'd of thought I painted her a masterpiece, she was so excited. So it's the little things that happen in the day, the small ways of making another person happy that truly make it a success. Hope you are all having a good Sunday and I hope to see you soon at the shop!!!


  1. It IS the little things. You did something above and beyond. That doesn't happen much anymore. With this attitude your business will do very well.
    "We can do no great things, only small things with great love." ~Mother Teresa~

  2. Carrie, Cathy is also one of my favorite customers at Rags to Riches. She came back to my shop and shared with me what you had done for her. She's a believer; sees good on little things. It's always a pleasure to have her around. Remy