Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ohmega Salvage, Urban Ore, Jimmy Bean's and East Bay Depot for Creative Use

Today was not damped by the rain, Sharon and I planned on hunting for treasure and hunt we did!!! We started at Ohmega Salvage in Berkeley where I got a metal box and a metal star. Then we went to Urban Ore a treasure trove which had thus far been untapped by either of us crazy ladies. It was a huge warehouse full of doors, windows, tables, knick knacks, books etc...I was in heaven! I got a sweet file cabinet/table to use for my paints and to hold all my various papers. It was $22 which felt like a good deal, also accumulated a drawer, a jar for $5 that Sharon thought was WAY too expensive (hahaha) and a wire basket. After all the shopping we needed to refuel so we went to Jimmy Bean's which had been recommended previously to me by lovely Linda. Good choice, their food is kick ass. Sharon had to leave and tend to her flock but she gave me the 411 on the East Bay Depot for Creative Use in Oakland. Another treasure trove!! Got a bag full of art supplies for collaging and creating art for $30.00 along with a killer spool table for $10.00! I was one satisfied hip chick when I looked in the back of my car and saw all the goodies. Not bad for a day's work, it's a tough job (not) and I'm just the woman to do it!!!

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  1. Wow! This is very easily becoming my favorite blog! Not only does it sound like a lot of fun, it REALLY was! And I love my metal boxes and my cubby shelf, and my silver plated silver ware, I have already hammered a few of them flat using my anvil..! And my wooden box is already full of chinese papers from China Town!!!! When is our next treasure hunt Ms Hip Chick?????