Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beautiful Ava and Hip chick's best day yet!!!

Here is adorable Ava, she came into Hip Chick's with her mother and was my best customer ever. She is five years old, cute as a button, as well as fun and fabulous. She captivated me with her beauty and charm. Her mom was sweet and enthusiastic about the shop, making piles of goodies while Ava and I colored a picture together. Wish I would've taken a picture of that but I wasn't thinking clearly in all the excitement. You understand. She was such a hip chick and only 5 years old, she loves flowers in her hair, (she bought the flower headband), and she also got the flower hat that is like a walking, talking party on your head. This girl has style and is going places let me tell you. I can't wait to see her again and Ava if you're reading this thank you for making my day today. You are a treasure!! I continued to have loads of mothers and daughters today, must've been the beautiful weather and everyone was in a joyous mood. I couldn't help glowing myself as everyone was so complimentary to the store and it's wonderful vibe. It was wonderful validation which keeps this hip chick motivated to keep doing her thing. I have started another truck painting, this one much larger and I am going to do a series of vintage trucks and put them all on my back wall...It'll be so cute with hubcaps and license plates, very country girl/hip chick style. It ended up being my best day since my grand opening after a pretty slow week so I was elated. I can't believe I get to buy treasure, sell it, decorate and paint and call it my "job". I am one blessed and grateful hip chick.......

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  1. Congratulations on your "Best Day Yet". You'll have more and more and more of these days, you'll see as you go along. Rags to Riches had one BLESSED day, too - non-stop customers till about 6:30 p.m. from 10:30 a.m. Took a day off but a close friend managed to run the show. It was like an "open studio sale" of a day. Let's keep hoping for this kinda good luck days. CHEERS!