Friday, July 2, 2010

Flowers and summer

It has been SLOW at Hip Chick's since summer started.  I was oh so wrong when I thought summer would be good for business.  OPPOSITE.  I am new at this folks and now I know summer time is I have had some downer says I won't lie to ya.  But this hip chick is here to tell you that she has regrouped and she is gonna just 'cowgirl up' and do what she does best, paint.  Ok maybe it's not what I do best but it keeps me sane and I am fairly good at it...I was given a gift certificate to a posh salon by my dear friend Linda and while the adorable asst. was washing my hair she asked me about myself.  Naturally I told her about the shop etc. and she said they were wanting to trade out the art they had and let's see what you have.  I grabbed my phone and showed her the few pictures I had of some paintings and she loved the flower paintings and thought they'd be great.  Well of course I was psyched to imagine my paintings on their walls so I decided to do some BIG ASS flowers in the hopes that they would be interested.  This is my recent daisy painting and I am still working on it.  I am posting it because 1. I haven't posted for awhile and 2. I didn't know what else to post.  So I put the tutu series on hold (Robin will be so thrilled as she is anti-tutu) and I am in flower power mode.  Seems like flowers are more popular and would be fitting for interior decor so I'm going with it.  I do like to paint flowers and I have always admired Georgia O'Keefe and her work.  I like to paint them blown up like she did and in exaggerated size.  I am not interested in painting them in a vase on a table whatsoever.  So I will let you know what happens with this whole venue....
On a personal note I am off to our family cabin in Bass Lake tomorrow for a blissfilled week of R&R.  A typical Bass day is waking up whenever and either going for a run or swimming across followed by sunning and reading, eating sunflower seeds and drinking Diet Pepsi with my sister and her family and my husband and kids.  The cabin is right on the water, with the best view of the lake, the only thing we don't have is a boat.  But the neighbors do and they were so friendly and took us out for some boat rides, bless their hearts, and they will be there again so it's likely we'll get a spin about....I am excited to go on a road trip.  You know this hip chick needs her road trips for inspiration and rejuvenation.  Even though it's slow and therefore I am not exhausted I am mentally in need of a change of pace and scene.  I am always re inspired when I go on any road trip and I'm very excited to go to Sun Valley at the end of the month as I've never been there.  My fellow artist friend Sharon lives there part-time and Ben and I are going to road trip while our kids are busy doing their various summer activities.  Alex is a camp counselor and Abby gets to go to London for 2 weeks and stay with her cousins....sweet hook-up!  So I won't be posting til I return from Bass on the 10th and I wish all of you wonderful fans of hip chick a happy fourth of July and a happy week.  Thank you for your continued support!

This blue poppy is teeny tiny and I painted it when Abby came to the shop with me on Wednesday....

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