Thursday, September 9, 2010

Art's Benicia Gala art preview and yet another new painting

Man I am on a roll! I am in a creative buzz and I am loving it. Today I was at the shop and I contemplated working on my angel piece and even my twirling tutu piece but I held off as I have a plan. Suffice it to say it's good and I will reveal it at a later time.. Instead I started yet another painting and as you can see I am taking pictures of it's evolution. This is VERY young, I only worked on it for less than an hour but I am diggin it already...I love how my tutu series is suddenly coming together, in many ways. First by my doing almost 3 paintings of different tutu concepts and second by my acquiring 6 more colored playmates. My son is getting the San Ramon Valley football team geared up, psyched up for it's tutu photo shoot next week. That's right we actually have 6 football studs willing to play football in a tutu, I am so proud I could cry. So add that to my portfolio of various tutu poses and we are really getting a good show together.

Next up is the Art's Benicia Gala which is next Friday the 24th at the Ironhorse showroom in Benicia and it features valet parking, drinks,dinner and a live art auction. All the art on my blog was taken at the gallery in the Arsenal today and is available for purchase at this event. This is my first time going to this Gala and I'm so excited to meet more of my fellow artists and enjoy a lovely sit down dinner with my hubbie. As you can see there is incredible art made in Benicia and I posted a few pictures for a general overview, if you want to see these better come to the gallery or better yet to the event itself. It promises to be a great time and I am hoping my piece "Spring Sherbet" fetches a buyer...

Stay tuned for more art, tutu's and shenanigans which are always in supply when Hip Chick is nearby.....


  1. I don't know which is more beautiful--you or the art!

  2. Thanks for donating such a great piece ~ See you at the auction! Friends can buy tickets online here:

  3. Jean Cernigoj said:

    Very beautiful....the colors are fantastic!