Sunday, September 5, 2010

Traveling tutu's

 First I will say I'm over stimulated from the weekends events.  WOW, it was off the hook awesome.  Ok, I can hardly catch my breath.  I went to the studio last week and tried painting a palm tree, big deal, well I hated it and decided to scratch it.  So moving on I tried the one I posted of me on the beach in Hawaii.  I was so psyched because right from the start it flowed.  I am not proficient at water, actually I haven't painted many water scenes and I find it VERY challenging.  So I asked obiwan-Bob-kanobi my studio mate for some pointers and boy did it help!  I decided to take pics of the process for myself and anyone else who is interested to see how a painting develops.  This painting is unusually light in paint, almost like a watercolor and this is new for me.  I am not finished but me being impatient and a spaz couldn't wait to share with my sweet bloggin fans.  I will post the painting when it's finished but people like Robin who doesn't do facebook and only check my blog can see what I'm up to.  Hi Robin!! wink wink....

Ok, so as you can see from the other pictures I SCORED today at the Alameda antique in the tutu department.  I bought 6 more tutu's to add to my party and boy what a party it is....I am not kidding when I tell you these things have magic in them.  I can't tell you how many people stopped and asked about these tutu's, "are these all yours?  what do you do with them?  Do you sell them? " No one could believe I didn't want to sell them and that I just collect them.  Kat my partner in tutu crime and I were stopped by tons of people who wanted in on the tutu got me thinking maybe I need to take pictures of people in them for some money....God knows I could use some bucks and this is a possibility for the tutu future, so on we went on our merry way collecting hats, parasols and what not to compliment the tutu scene.  We met fun people like Mariah who stopped us and said "Let me take your picture", which we coyly agreed...haha.  Then we met Joel and George who are fun guys and had a blast putting on a dress skirt and kickin their heels up...Thanks guys.  It was magic how these tutu's make friends and I said jokingly to Kat , "maybe tutu's can bring world peace" and I fantasized about President Obama wearing one to an International convention and spouting the joys and merriment of the colorful skirt.  Can't you see the President of China or Iran wearing one and how it would cause such a ripple of change?  I know it's out there but you never know, they are that powerful.....

So now I am going to kick back, take a deep breath and count my blessings for the weekend and all the fun it provided.  That Alameda antique is the best place for good times, fun treasure and meeting new friends.  I can't wait to bring my new tutu friends 'home' to Hip Chick and hang them from the ceiling, just like I was dreaming, and see what else they have in store for me.....I have no doubt they will keep leading me there. 



  1. Congrats on the Tutu haul! Love the way you've posted pics of the painting in progress--keep 'em comin'!

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  3. I like your new painting. I collect parasols and I love orange. Can I get the orange parasol at your store?