Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Ascent

Today I started another painting as I have shown in the slideshow. I am diggin my new technique SO much. I was inspired to do a angel-ballerina by a photo on the internet taken from an event at the White house, the dancer in the photo looked gorgeous in her tutu-like dress. I was drawn to her pose and the fact she looked like she was wearing a tutu and then as I thought about how to paint it, I imaged her flying in the air with wings. I sketched the fairy on the canvas and then layered my washes of color to see it come alive, the best part about painting. I added the ribbons as a way to show her movement and grace, and to make her look airborne. I only worked on this for a total of 2 hours so it's still young, and needs more attention. But of course I was excited to share and I will keep taking pictures of the piece until it is finished. I have to admit I like seeing the painting in it's phases and I am glad I am taking the time to stop and take pictures during it's development. I started doing it to see how it would look and now I see it is very useful for myself as well. The title of this painting is "The Ascent" and I love the essence of spirituality it evokes. I hope it's not cheesy, flying fairies and all, it could really be seen that way. But the tutu series HAS to have a angel image and this is it. I am excited to see where it will go, and I am happy with my recent breakthroughs. I love your feedback and as always thank you for your support!
Here is the image that inspired me....

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  1. YOU SHOULD TEACH A CLASS! This is so interesting to see the progress. I love the way the "light falls" on it!!!