Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

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Rain, Rain GO AWAY!! This hip chick is a fair weather girl to be sure. I say when it's sunny, I'm sunny...when it's cloudy I'm cloudy....basically I am a tried and true California girl. I could never do harsh winters in the East, in England or places where they have actual 'winter'. So I was GRUMPY yesterday with the torrential storm that blew through, freezing my ass, blowing the cow hook off my door and breaking it and generally making my mood as gloomy as the skies. Phew. Just need to get that off my chest. So after this next rain, which I am dreading...rain on Easter? I am ready for the sun, for which we pay top dollar as Californians, to shine....On a frivolous note I have some fun new sundresses I want to wear, wildflowers I want to shoot and suntans I want to absorb. hahaha.. I know it's the weather and what can you do, right? I marvel at people who actually enjoy the gloom and rain. I mean a day of rain ok fine, but we have had BUCKETS and not a week off for quite awhile. I'm just saying "Mother Nature thanks, we're good now." For today I will enjoy? the gray skies and chilly temperatures as a respite from the howling wind of yerterday. Maybe I can even open my doors at the shop? I know, now I'm talking CRAZY!

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