Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 2 "What are you passionate about?"

Today's topic is passion.  Juicy, delicious, passion....dripping with goodness, oozing with flavor and mouthwatering joy.  Here are some images of the things I'm passionate about....

My family

My business

dancing in Daisy

My husband



 Art friends

My truck Daisy
 laughing with friends
 shopping at the Alameda antique fair....and or any flea market
 leaping in my tutu
 St. Croix, USVI
 Buck Island
 Bass Lake
 Fork's Burgers
 Tutu's (of course)
 My sister Holly

finding treasure for the shop
 my daughters jumps
 my sobriety

 ice cream

Tom Petty

and much much more.....It was easy to think of things I'm passionate about.  I could go on and on....I like this new endeavor we are on, I am happy you are joining in, if you want to jump in any time feel free.  Just get a notebook and start writing.  Extra credit if you make art and a cover.....see you all tomorrow!

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