Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 3 Topic "What are the achievements you are most proud of?"

My single biggest contribution towards making the world a better place is my children, Alex and Abby.

I mean just look at them.  They are so special.   I truly can't believe how good they are and how enjoyable it is to be their parent.  In the same breath I am just as proud of my sobriety and my marriage .  Both are things I work at, both need attention and commitment to flourish.  Both require discipline, patience, understanding, nurturing, love and time.

 I have done one for 20 years and the other for 10.  I have had good times and hard times but I have always stayed committed.  I am always amazed by this, that I have the stamina, the dedication that marriage takes.  I wouldn't have bet on me.  I come from a broken home, I am an alcoholic and I loathe routine.  It's funny really.  But I gotta say, I do like a challenge.  And marriage is always challenging so in this way I am never bored...

I am also proud of starting my own business, from scratch, one chair and antique collectible at a time.  My business plan was just a simple idea to make my space a store and a studio and see what happens.  It continues to unveil itself.  I started this blog completely ignorantly with 1 follower, and today I have 92.  I will be 2 years old in January 2012 and I am still such a beginner.  The hardest part is just like marriage, sobriety and kids-making through the tough times.  You keep at it anyway and then the tough times change and they become good again.
and then it's good you didn't bail, you just rode the wave and then got back up and surfed another one.  So that's my Day 3 Blog post.  I hope you liked it.  I would love to hear your achievements, and feedback.  It's sometimes lonely being the only one at the wheel, and if I feel like there are people with me then I am always eager to keep sailing....see you tomorrow for Day 4...

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