Monday, October 10, 2011

How to live life to the fullest ...101 questions to ask yourself

Tonight my daughter Abby and I made journals to start our new program of inspirational "me" time.  This came about from this website,101-questions-to-ask-yourself
So Abby and I made journals from composition books, and drawing paper.  We covered the journals with drawing paper and went to the craft drawer to get something on the cover...we took some pictures of the stuff we used and all this took about an hour..

 glitter is fun
 stamps are nice
 letters for "Dear Abby"
 Abby's journal
 fun tape for the inside
 Abby's journal with ribbon
 good saying
my journal.....

Today's topic is "Who am I?" Kind of a big question to be sure.  But one we should all know the answer to....We wrote a page on this, and tomorrow we will do another if this sounds good, join us.  It's easy.  You might like it.  Who knows what will happen....I sure don't.  But I already like it.  It's quality time with my daughter, it's artsy fun and I might learn something new....yay.  It will also get me blogging again.  I admit I was getting burnt out.  I just couldn't get fired up about it.  This will keep me focused and on track.  I need that discipline.  Left to my own devices I can be rather lazy...confession time.  Ok, I thank you for reading and come on and join the adventure...I would love to hear from you...

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  1. Beautiful cover designs! What a lovely mother-daughter project :)